Buying refurbished phones? Choose the right seller.
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Buying refurbished phones? Choose the right seller.

par AHSPremier sur May 19, 2022

Selecting the right seller for sourcing daily products can be daunting!  Whether you are buying cosmetics or wines you know all too well the importance of finding a reliable seller & getting the right models at the right price. 

We’ve been in the refurbished electronics business a long time and know exactly what makes a reputable supplier of refurbished phones.


Before you Start! 

Using refurbished phones is a relatively new phenomenon and have seen a sporadic rise in recent years. Even if you are a seasoned player in this area, it's easy to get tempted by low prices and flashy marketing material and end up sourcing the wrong model mix that may not be in demand from yourself. So before you start, it is important to carry out thorough market research and talk to other buyer & customers. This will help you to know the right demand, manage quality better & ensure faster delivery with better after sell service. You can also take help from AHSPremier’s demand planning experts who can help you in selecting the right model and cost of refurbished phones that suitable for your demand.



Is the business of the seller well established?
Businesses that source & sell refurbished phones can pop up and disappear overnight. To make sure the seller isn’t going to vanish after you place your order, it’s crucial to look into the background of the company. Check how long the business has been established, whether it has a registered company address and website, is the payment mode secure, and are other customers talking favorably about it. You could also make use of social platforms like LinkedIn to research the ownership structure & the background of the people running the company.

Does the seller have the right capability? 
Refurbished phones have a high market demand so it's important that the seller understands the market needs and ensure a steady supply.  Large & experienced seller in this case are more capable as they have better resources and systems in place to ensure ample stock availability & timely delivery. They can also handle contingencies like supply chain disruptions and transit damages more effectively. 


Product Quality

As you need the phone every single day, you count on the quality of the phone and rely on the reputation of the seller. So, it’s vital to ensure that the phone you will receive is guaranteed to meet your standards. Here are a few of the most common questions we would recommend you ask when evaluating to buy the refurbished phone.

If the phone properly sourced?

When you’re looking for refurbished phones online, absolutely you want to confirm that the phone is from a legal source.  Unscrupulous sellers may try to pass off stolen phones onto unsuspecting customers, which would make you lose confidence. Any reputable seller will be able to walk you through their own supply chain, so you can purchase with confidence. Ask about warranties as well - if the seller you choose is confident in the quality of their products, they may offer a corresponding guarantee.

Is the grading accurate?
Your potential seller may be offering grade A refurbished phones, but does the product live up to the rating they have given it? Make sure that they have the internal capability to provide grading and/or get it certified from experts like AHSPremier.  Is the battery in good condition, are the ports operational, is the screen intact and unblemished? Each of these factors affects the value of the handset and should be reflected in the published grade. 


 Support services

There is no denying that good communication and getting timely support not only help to achieve short-term goals but also saves time & effort. 

Are they responsive to your requests?
If you’re going to rely on an online store  to but the phone, you need to know you can count on them to respond to your online and emails, especially if anything goes wrong. Of course, many sellers’ sales teams will be incredibly responsive while they are trying to bring you on board as a new customer. To get a more complete picture, try reaching out to their support, customer service, or shipping contacts to see if they are equally attentive to your needs. Professionalism, politeness, and willingness to go the extra mile to build strong & lasting relationships. It does not matter how great their refurbished phones are, if dealing with them is a nightmare, it’s better to find alternates.

What are the delivery options/returns policies?
Depending on your purchase experience, you may have specific requirements around delivery. Ask the potential seller what guarantees they can make about delivery times, and what options are open to you in terms of compensation if deliveries arrive late. Even the best suppliers occasionally make a mistake, so you’ll also need to know upfront what their returns policy is, and whether they will bear the cost of return shipping for any damaged products or incorrect orders.  


Getting started?

If you’re looking for sellers for refurbished phones - you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us to connect with an inventory of refurbished/used phones from hundreds of sellers.  All Suppliers and their refurbished phones go through a rigorous 74-Point quality check process before listing with AHS Premier. 

You can also visit our online store here to start browsing the wide range of refurbished phones.

We’re happy to help and keen to build a tight relationship that supports you buying refurbished phones.


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